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Thank you!

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Coconut the Gerbil by AlphaLunaWhiteWolf
Coconut the Gerbil
In memory of my Coconut, who died today...
Her sister will be very lonely without her.

Art (c) Me
Drowning by AlphaLunaWhiteWolf
This is a scene I wanted to draw for a long time, from the Tree of Life RP me and :iconmoonclawdragon1: had been doing and finished a bunch of times because it never gets old lol

Cyril is afraid of water because his mother had drowned (I think I'm remembering that correctly) and so it traumatized him. And then on the journey, he ended up falling into the river and almost drowned. And Alox, the big brother, jumped in to save him :3 which is why we see Alox's hand here xD

Been so long since I drew Cyril. His ref is really old and hideous o3o' but I was still able to draw him here with its help xD

Alox (c) moonclawdragon1
Cyril and art (c) Me~
At Least They Are Happy by AlphaLunaWhiteWolf
At Least They Are Happy
I love him, and I miss him. But at least they are happy...

Okay, what's happening here?
Robin left Star and so she started to hang out with Alex and one thing led to another and they started to fall in love. They fell in love, had fun at an amusement, and then came back and told Luna about it because Alex knew telling her was better than keeping it a secret and hurting her far worse, and he also knew she was the understanding type (because she definitely is). So, she approved of them and then left them alone to go cry in the den over her broken heart...

This was just an RP between myself and :iconstarliveta24:, and I already know what you all are probably going to say. (Because Tay already said the same thing and you guys are probably going to react the same way XD) So don't go calling Alex a bastard even though he deserves it in this pic ;w; He's still my precious *pets Alex* o3o

This WILL NOT and NEVER WILL happen, ever. It's a bad ship, Tay said, and I absolutely agree with her. I created Alex to be Luna's mate and he shall forever REMAIN Luna's mate. I will not allow Luna to be forever alone ;A;
So Alex, stay with Luna until the day you die!!

Alex: You two put me up to this, I didn't want this ;A;
Shhh *pets Alex* shhh

Anyway, yeah. I'm never doing this again :cries:

Star (c) StarLiveta24
Everything else (c) Me~
My Pose Be Fab Bishes! by AlphaLunaWhiteWolf
My Pose Be Fab Bishes!
Steinral Kraft

Recognize his name? If not, then it's okay because I don't expect you to xD but here's my princely/kingly dude who likes to be a bitch and act like he's a King >.>
Stein, why is your hair such a pain to draw? *dies* and put your tongue away!!
And of course he has his metal powers too :3

Anyways :iconnomnoms47: found some sketches of his personality and told me to make him again as my own character (because I didn't win his original design) and so I did :3 and she helped me with his color scheme so thank you~ *glomps Tay*

Background from Google
Everything else (c) Me~
What Have You Done to Me? by AlphaLunaWhiteWolf
What Have You Done to Me?
Just had this idea since I started drawing cats again, I wanted to draw Sayu being miserable in an outfit lol So here you go ^.^

Everything (c) Me~

Journal History

Hi everyone!
Sorry for the inactivity lately.
But I have a perfectly good reason!

The downstairs neighbors finally moved out completely and now we're cleaning up downstairs and moving all of our stuff down there! So my family is living in the whole house xD my brother, sister-in-law, and nephew upstairs, and me, mom, and dad are going to live downstairs :D I wasn't really excited about moving in before, maybe because it never really set into my brain, but now we're moving everything in the apartment, I'm all excited xD
So, you prob won't be hearing from me for a few days again, at least until we get settled in :3

Luna WhiteWolf~
  • Mood: Peaceful


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
I love Wolves, reading, writing stories, and drawing! My favorite movie is Astro Boy and many others, and my favorite cartoon/series of anime is Danny Phantom, Naruto, Di-Gata Defenders, and many others :D

If any of you want to be part of my dA family then note me, or comment on my profile. Tell me what you want to be and I'll put you as that :D I :heart: you all! :D account ->… account ->…
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